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Mobilive HD4.1TV
New Update (6.0) available NOW: Aout 2018
provides +500 live TV channels.
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Downloads: 61164 since 6 april 2017

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MobiMoviesHD 1.0

Provides +500 Movies and Series EN FR AR.
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Application features

Why we are the best?

  • Nice design

    The application is designed to fit all smart phones and tablets, and the content is easy to read so that the user can easily identify the channels

  • Revolving around the clock

    The content of the application is continuously renewed by adding new channels, keeping up with the games moment by minute and adding the latest episodes in the required series as soon as

  • Clear and simple

    The application includes clear content, ease of knowing which channel within any rating, and also easy to watch any episode of any series

  • Does not need any addition

    The application does not require any additional or external installation, small space, not exceeding 5 megabytes

  • Rich content

    The app contains the most famous channel channels classified by categories, to satisfy all tastes and requests, also series and movies

  • Continuous communication

    The team is in constant contact with those involved in adding the proposed channels and series, in addition to enriching the content and adding new fields to the application

High image quality

The application features high image quality compatible with all types of smart and tablet screens

TV Channels

  • More than 10 categories for TV channels

    The application contains more than 10 target categories: Sports, Family, News, Kids, Cinema and Culture

  • Easy regeneration of channels

    When you follow any channel, especially football, enough to re-enter the channel to renew the broadcast

  • Search property

    If you're looking for a specific channel, just add it in the search property


The application provides more than 500 live TV channels in many categories: sports, entertainment, news, food, music, children, religious ...
We do our best to keep the links at 90%...

The application contains:

- All Nilesat channels

- All Sports channels

- French, English and Arabic BEIN Sports, Sky Sports ...

- All french channels

Canal+, TF1, M6, France 2 ...

- All other channels

UK, USA, Canada, German,Italian ..

- Other categories

Kids, Movies, Drama, News,OSN, Documentary...

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Contact us

To see the latest updates and additions follow us on our facebook page, and contact us with all your feedback and suggestions to develop the program